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Blood Magnetism by Kostassoid

My only problem with this is that there is an off-balance in the lighting, as the bottom of the photograph draws away from the center. ...


Purging Koshka by alfrank2000
Purging Koshka
Full description on etsy:…

Have you ever been in love? I mean. have you ever been in love with someone and you don't know why? And they kept coming in and out of your life like a needle through lacework? Like, they seemed to be someone that you knew, before you were born? Have you ever been in love with someone where your lives held parallel events despite your separation in physical space and time?
What if this person was bitter, or cruel? What if they belittled you, but you could not bring yourself to stop caring about them, even to the detriment of your own existence?
And in the end, when there was no way you could ignore the cutting words and the loss of your dream, you were like a junkie. Up for days, sick. Trying to work the sickness out of your system, and you take all the memories that you didn't destroy in a fugue, and you manifest this feeling, this time, this situation, as a physical object, to purge yourself. But what can you do with this object? you couldn't destroy it because that would be wasteful. You couldn't store it cause that would be hubris-tic. And you couldn't sell it because the market is for crafts and decoration more than thought and pondering... What would you do?

Piece comes in zippered violin-case with, all the journal entries and unsent letters concerning this time.
It comes with two railroad spikes that she sent me with the invocation, "Let there be such oneness between us, that when one cries, the other tastes salt".

It also comes with the original "death-watch" that I used to count the seconds until I would see her, but soon stopped working, and I was too blind to see it as an omen.
St Leiden the Patron of self sacrifice by alfrank2000
St Leiden the Patron of self sacrifice

This world is temporary.

A soul cannot be insulted.

Pain is guaranteed, but

I will never willfully share it.

I will however accept your poison

And your vile words

Without anger

Because I believe that

One day you may

Through your darkness

See the light.

A token of my love by alfrank2000
A token of my love

I love this person. Even if I can't be in a relationship with her, because I can't compete with the ghosts and demons in her head, I still love her. I see the frightened soul inside her shell. It's been 25 years. What's another day?


Wet-preserved maggots in a stainless-steel watch-body, with glass windows. 4-foot, stainless-steel hd watch-chain


 I figured out what was giving me these impatient, paranoid, sad reactions. Last Sunday night I figured I’d best do some thinking about what the fuck was ailing me when i spoke to my Boo last Saturday morning. The biggest thing was lack of sleep. I pulled an all-nighter, reading a 380 page journal that she’d sent me, and it got me crabby and disoriented. Added to that was a low dose of DXM I’d taken after Friday shift. DXM is one of those drugs that intensifies whatever mood you are feeling. I keep forgetting that. I also fell-off the self-satisfaction wagon for about a week, for some reason, so I was putting a lot of the responsibility for my happiness onto her, which I’m very sorry for. I’ve prescribed myself peaceful classical-music tracks and deep-breathing, so I can stay mindful. It’s a bit embarrassing. I’m the one that is supposed to be giving advice on how to be happy, and I went and let the basics slip away from me.

I REALLY don’t want to fuck this up. It won’t kill me or anything, but the both of us had pretty much given up on the idea of love/romance in our lives, prior to this rekindling of spirits, so if this doesn’t work, I don’t want it to be because I forgot how to not be an idiot.

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Casanova Frankenstein
United States
I grew up trying to draw comic books. My father collected Marvels and DC's but my uncle collected undergrounds. This was back in the 70's, so I was reading things that reached back into the 50's. In the early 90's Caliber Press published a series of mine called Tad Martin.
I went to school to learn how to draw, only to discover they couldn't teach me. I didn't really learn how to draw to suit myself until I was 40.
I try to work with images that people might find disturbing, simply because that's what I would like to see in art that I am attracted to.

Current Residence: Monster Island TX
Favourite genre of music: New Wave
Favourite cartoon character: Superjail's Alice

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